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To start to cooperate very simply.

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The main purpose of project -
raise quality of service in the service centers.

Repair can and should be qualitative. For managers of the service centers we build a workspace where clients and executors, manufacturers and representatives of the centers can work. We count ratings for the repair organizations, we publish the user comments, we mark work of the advanced executors. We try to give for the usual person such volume of the information which will help to him to choose the best representative in the field of repair at present.
We offer to join the given direction.

At present we are ready to consider various variants of cooperation:

- we support expansion of geography of the project;
- are ready to discuss functionality expansion;
- support offers on creation of a profitable platform;
- are ready to fruitful work in this area.

Let's build strong project together!


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Little about is a catalogue of certified service centers and any organizations for repair, maintenance and troubleshooting different types of equipment.